Ensure operational security and quality in your Family Office data

It is difficult to get a combined and correct overview of all the investments in a Family Office.

Our investment management solution PORTMAN is designed to help you achieve a full overview fast and efficiently. 

Not only will this make it easier to manage performance, allocations and exposure. It will also guarantee operational security and quality in your data.

With our module-based PORTMAN solution, you can get the exact features you need to handle investments, compliance issues and private equity investments.

Get a thorough and honest assessment of your setup

Do you want a non-binding business review of your current setup? We’ll help identify the potential of using a Family Office solution and provide honest and professional feedback for improving and optimising existing workflows and processes.

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About Family Offices

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Professional and efficient asset management

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Easier management of alternative investments

Discover how to handle alternative investments in your Family Office easier and faster with PORTMAN