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Optimum performance is crucial in any financial institution. Therefore, our investment and treasury management solutions are built using dedicated, integrated modules to ensure you a sound business value and support your requirements.


Request a non-binding business review to learn more about your possibilities with our solutions and how they can optimise your business and free up time for more value-adding work.


Request a non-binding business review

Discover how to strengthen your competitiveness with an investment management solution based on more than 35 years of industry experience.
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Let’s identify your potential with a scalable, flexible and future-proof solution

In a business review we provide honest and professional feedback for improvements in enhancing and optimising your current workflows and processes. 

We know that replacement of software and implementing new procedures is a long and complicated process, which is why we are providing you with the necessary insights to make a well-founded decision on whether or not the benefits outweigh the troubles of changing your solution.


A business review consists of three parts:

  • A meeting where we ask questions about your processes, business and ambitions: this way, we can gather the best possible team for your exact needs. 
  • The second time we meet, we’ll come back with more critical questions to get into the core of your challenges and possibilities. 
  • You get a report on possible benefits you can expect from implementing and using our solution.

Solutions based on comprehensive industry knowledge

At Vitec Aloc, we have more than 35 years of experience developing effective investment and treasury management solutions. 

Our solutions meet the professional requirement for portfolio and risk management, treasury and stock exchange trading and are used daily by some of the most successful companies in the market.

Business review

We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences
with you in a non-binding business review.

Big enough to trust, small enough to care

Nordic partner with roots in the financial sector

In a world where uptime and performance are essential, it is vital to have an easily accessible partner who understands the market and your business.

That is why delivering a high level of service is at the core of our business. 

And as one of the leading suppliers of investment and treasury management solutions in the Nordic region, we are very aware that you do not just choose an investment management solution. You choose a long-term business partner, who is able to effectively implement and regularly expand the solution to meet market needs.

We base our collaboration on good communication, mutual trust and the belief that there should always be a cultural match.

And we always make sure to deliver solutions tailored to the individual company because:

“We are big enough to trust, but small enough to care.”

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