PORTMAN, the professional investment management solution

Do you have access to timely, accurate and complete data on various positions and exposures?

Managing the assets of both private and public investors is an influential position, and the road to success is paved with experience, skills, trust, and not least a solid foundation for making the right investment decisions.

We know from experience that the needs and expectations of an investment management solution’s functionalities differ from client to client. Luckily, we have a solution tailorable to your specific needs.

Our investment management solution offers:

  • improved and streamlined workflows to free up more time to generate yields
  • investment managers an intuitive and clear overview of your strategies, securities, yields, compositions, transactions etc.
  • the option to provide your key stakeholders easy access to the same overview on various platforms – making reporting easy

Download our product brochure and see how our investment management solution can help you improve performance, increase your risk-adjusted return and make tailored and detailed reports.

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