How to strengthen your Private Banking value proposition

Online access to investments means everything in a fast moving digital world – for both you and your customers Customers expect fast and easy access to investments, yield, and detailed reports with the exact information they need.

And as an advisor, you need to have a full overview within reach so you always are able to provide qualified, holistic advice.

Competition for Private Banking customers has intensified and demands are constantly increasing And compliance is your licence to operate The financial sector is constantly evolving, and you need to be able to advise more than ever under tighter regulations, changing marking conditions and increased customer demands.

Therefore, it is important that you have the best overview, so that you can provide both the best advice and the best possible return on the invested capital – while increasing customer satisfaction with your customers Our mission is to assist you in that, we offer a flexible and scalable investment management solution as an efficient tool for everyday work life in your industry.

Read more to see how you can strengthen your Private Banking value proposition and increase customer satisfaction through investment data, as well as how to present that data to your customers in an attractive manner

The guide is divided into three sections:

The biggest trends within Private Banking, and how to use them for a business advantage
How to serve many customers efficiently
Examples of the everyday value a scalable investment management solution can give your Private Banking advisors

Offer customers a flexible investment overview

Real-time data is the be-all and end-all for Private Banking advisors today It’s one thing to have the data in order, but it’s another thing to be able to present the yield visually and clearly to the customer An important element in creating added value – thereby attracting and retaining your customers – is the way your customers can view and access their investments.

Today most people are used to being able to get the knowledge they need exactly when they need it The same trend has spread into the investment world, where more and more people expect updates on their investments in real time – wherever and whenever they want it.

And although the average age of Private Banking customers is typically close to retirement age, younger people are increasingly making up a larger proportion of the clientele And for the young, it is crucial investment overviews are easily, accessible with current and accurate figures Young investors are known to be more digital, and they are also more likely to leave if they consider another value proposition to be better Customer relationships are therefore more important than ever, and being able to offer a flexible overview is essential for future customer retention.

Establish customer engagement with an online dashboard – available anywhere, everywhere

Creating visual presentations and a good online overview are not necessarily at the top of a Private Banking advisor’s to-do list Rather, the passion for good and qualified advice drives the work – as it should, of course.

But lack of a good online overview should not determine whether your customers decline your value proposition Fortunately, a lot is happening on the development front, and today, effective investment management solutions enable investments to be presented in an easy and accessible way, regardless of device.

And a easily accessible dashboard can help establish engagement, especially with customers, who are very concerned with and engaged in which solutions and tools can help create and maintain an overview to be meaningful in every way.

Create a unique, comprehensive overview

A dashboard first and foremost provides a good and easy overview, but with the right solution, you’ll also be able to drill down and look through the data, and produce investment reports, covering both your and your customers’ needs.

With an online dashboard such a COCKPIT, you’ll get a unique overview of all your customer portfolios gathered in one place.

This way, you’ll get:

a strong basis for decision making
a comprehensive overview of investments and yields
a risk overview and its consequences
tailored reports
the ability to act quickly and proactively with customers

Different businesses, different requirements

See how our module-based investment management solution can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Strengthen the quality enhanced services

It is not uncommon for the bank distributor to receive brokerage commissions as payment for procuring investment products for their customers. Commissions come with the provision of a service, which increases the quality of the investment. And the MiFID-II directive introduced stricter investor protection regulation of these commissions Among other things, this means Private Banking advisors must provide a proportional quality enhanced service to customers in order to legally receive these commissions.

However, services can only be considered as quality enhanced if they are relevant, create value, and constitute something extra to what is required by law For example, it isn’t a quality enhanced service to offer your customers a generic online access to their assets in itself, as this is considered to be a universallyavailable service offer.

On the other hand, an effective and flexible investment management solution frees up time from manual processes, which can instead be used for quality enhanced services to create added value for your customers – for example helping with tax returns.

Flexible, consistent and value-adding reporting

How do you serve many customers efficiently?

It is not unusual for a Private Banking advisor to have up to 200 Private Banking customers, who have wildly different wants and needs for their investments.

Within wealth management there has been a large increase in control and regulations, together with a growing demand from customers in relation to e g transparency and market commentary This leads to an increased need to be able to systematise workflows, so you can create a personalised experience as much as possible, despite a high number of customers.

And this is possible with the right investment management solution.

With this you can:

  • automate reports on investments, yields vs benchmarks, etc
  • provide an overview of ESG opportunities and sustainable investments
  • systematise market commentary to various customer segments
  • offer unique services such as tax statements, etc

But that’s not all…

In addition to automating the reporting, you can actually also automate investment management. This means that you can, for example, automate rebalancing so that investment rescheduling and cash is reinvested via a predefined model portfolio.

In this way, you are always at the forefront and operate proactively towards the ideal situation.

Use time properly and efficiently

Choosing a good investment management solution also helps Private Banking advisors to tackle their everyday operational challenges related to, for example, preparing customer meetings, investment reports, tax statements and reports for the customers’ and the bank’s management.

And it supports you and your colleagues in using time well and efficiently.

Even so, the reality is that a lot of time is often wasted on heavy manual processes such as collating investment material.

With a good investment overview, you will:

Save time that can instead be better spent on your customers and their investments
Have the opportunity to provide more value-adding advice
Be able to act quickly and proactively in dialogues with customers

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to tread water because you couldn’t answer a question a customer asked you as your data wasn’t 100% up-to-date?

It is indeed a frustrating feeling.

But with the right solution, you can quickly and easily find the right answer, leaving time for you to spend on value-adding dialogue rather than creating an overview!


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Get ready for the investment markets of the future

It’s one thing to get things right. The question is, are you doing the right things?

By creating a set-up based on modern infrastructure where systems talk to each other, you’ll get a much better overview and insight into your business, so you can focus on the right tasks and solve problems with greater efficiency.


It is not enough to ensure high quality data if you want to achieve higher performance. You also need to ensure that all business procedures and mandates are adhered to without an army of costly controllers and compliance staff – and a robust solution can ensure compliance and the necessary reporting for the regulatory requirements and legislation such as MiFIR.

With an effective investment management solution, you can:

  • get an overview of the profitability of customers, products, business units etc
  • set the direction for further growth, increased customer access and future profitability
  • more easily meet the demands and requirements of a versatile high volume customer group

Flexible software for the financial market

Vitec Aloc is a Nordic company that has been developing and delivering investment management solutions for more than three decades.

Our solutions meet professional requirements for portfolio and risk management, treasury and trading, and are used daily by some of the most successful companies in the market.

We believe that easy solutions win in the long run, and with roots in the financial sector, we have a broad understanding of the market, forming the basis for our investment management solutions.

We have worked in close collaboration with our clients for many years in developing and delivering solutions for financial management, trade and reporting, with a clear focus on strengthening and promoting the competitiveness of every single client.

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